Love the look of beautiful quilt and blanket bindings or hand-sewn hems applied with nearly invisible stitches, but don’t think you have the skills or the patience to do it in your own work? Allow me to introduce you to the humble—and surprisingly simple—slip stitch!

The folks over at The Purl Bee have created this helpful slip stitch tutorial to walk you through the process so you can make some invisible sewing magic of your own! (This tutorial assumes that you’re either working with a folded-over hem or sewing binding that has already been attached to one side of the quilt/project.)

There’s something incredibly soothing about hand-sewing a binding to a quilt or hand-stitching a hem, and it really doesn’t take as long you’d think. It’s definitely one of my favorite ways to relax and let my brain unwind at the end of a long day while still feeling productive.