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Drones on the Dark Side: Imperial Star Destroyer Takes Flight


Star Wars mania is gripping the drone world and the Make: offices. And  it is certainly gripping Oliver C.

The last time we saw him, he had created a stunning Millennium Falcon mod for his quadcopter. He’s back once again, this time with something much more sinister. An Imperial Star Destoyer!

The Imperial Star Destroyer is easily as iconic as the Tie Fighter, X-wing, and Millennium Falcon. For many of us it was the introduction to Star Wars, after the initial scrolling text. Those easily identifiable engines and command towers set the tone for everything that was to come.

Oliver did a fantastic job of capturing the important parts of the Star Destroyer. You can see his careful planning paid off well.

As it glides slowly through the air, the silhouette is nearly perfect. If only he could have it deploy a squadron of mini drones!

If you want to see all of his build photos, you can find them on this Imgur album.

You may be wondering just what exactly is going to pop up next from Oliver. Well, he’s dropped this not-so-subtle hint.


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