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Build an Adjustable Bottle Cutter for 30-Second Clean Cuts



One of the most popular videos we’ve ever shared on Make: (see below) is of Dan Rojas demonstrating how to cut a wine/beer bottle very cleanly using only a light score line and hot and cold water to stress the score and separate the glass. In that video, he uses a conventional glass cutting jig, which will cost you from $20-45. In the video, Dan talks about building a cutting jig in a future video, but as far as we know, that video never happened. There are a number of tutorials for building such jigs online. I like this simple adjustable one that I found on Instructables that uses only a few pieces of wood, some bolts, and the head of a glass-cutting tool that you can pick up for a few bucks.

I bought some beautiful recycled drinking glasses for a family member last Christmas. I was shocked at how expensive they were. With this rig and Dan’s technique, you can make lots of cool glasses for next to nothing.


9 thoughts on “Build an Adjustable Bottle Cutter for 30-Second Clean Cuts

    1. Chris, I think this technique should work on most wine, beer, soda, and whiskey bottles. You may just have to do multiple heating/cooling rounds. If you end up experimenting, let us know.

  1. I really love my G2 Bottle cuttter, comes ready to use, and cost me less than $25 from eBay – I don’t have a router to make such an item as this shows, and would spend way more than I did on the G2. It paid for itself in my first 2 wind chimes I sold ~

  2. I have cuts that look that good but still have trouble getting a good edge.

    Would love to hear some finishing techniques.

  3. Nice woodwork! I bought a traditional cutter on Amazon and they have quite a lot for sale: but I really don’t know the difference in quality. Anyway I still can’t make good cuts. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’ve to build one myself… but I can’t make it as nice looking as yours I’m afraid :-)

  4. I cannot find the instructions on how to make the bottle cutter stand. I have been cutting for over a year. With the cutter I score then dip in boiling water and then dip in ice water. Works good. Still have my share of ragged cuts.

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