An example of a skeleton clock

Chris of Clickspring presents a fascinating step by step process of how to build a clock from scratch. More than a tutorial, he demonstrates the fine craftsmanship and precision machining possible in ammature clockmaking.

The project covers building everything you need for a John Wilding, large wheel, skeleton clock; an open design that displays the wheels and internal mechanisms of the clock. This series details the cutting of the frames, machining the clock pillars, pinions and crossing out the wheels.

Because a skeleton clock is of open design, Chris goes into careful detail of the machining process required to make custom washers and screws. In a world where so many parts are stamped out on the assembly line, Makers will appreciate seeing the process of machining a simple screw and the fundamental parts of the clock. Seeing the sheets and rods of metal transformed into intricate clockworks is as spellbinding as it is informative.

To watch this clock take form check out this video series:

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