[youtube https://youtu.be/os22HCsghDU]

We spoke to Bethany Koby — CEO and co-founder of Technology Will Save Us — about her talk today at MakerCon where she argued that ownership of technology changes the relationship between young people, kids, and the technology. That while she’d be pretty worried if her son started sleeping with his iPad underneath his pillow, she’d be a lot less worried — it’d be far more understandable — if he did so with a piece of technology that he built, that he’d made, because of the relationship between him and the technology that making it built.

We also talked to her about her involvement with the BBC’s Make it Digital project and the creation of the MicroBit where she, and her company, had stood in place of the 1 million 12 year old school children that will be receiving the micro controller later in the year.