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Announcing the New Beaglebone Green
The new Beaglebone Green (bottom) with the original Beaglebone Black (top).
The new Beaglebone Green (bottom) with the original Beaglebone Black (top).

We spoke with Jason Krinder of, about the new Beaglebone Green. The new board is produced by Seeed Studio based around the open hardware design of the Beaglebone Black.


The board isn’t the first to copy the original Beaglebone design, however the new Seeed Studio board is the first derivative to make major changes to the design. Seeed’s board comes with two Grove System connectors, allowing you to connect directly to the companies large range of sensor boards without using a cape. The board also swaps out the barrel jack connector for a more commonly available micro USB, and drops the little-used HDMI connector. It also includes a battery backed up Real Time Clock (RTC).

Unfortunately, this is only a sneak preview of the new board. It won’t launch properly until Maker Faire Shenzhen later this year on June 19th. It will cost around $50.


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