[youtube https://youtu.be/njlz6NfXxjM]

We spoke to Zach Shelby from ARM about the Internet of Things and his team’s in-house project, an Internet-connected espresso machine based around an mbed. The machine automatically detects the colour of the capsule inserted and, since the capsules are colour-coded by the kind of coffee they contain, this tells you the type of coffee used. This information is sent to a live web service, logged, and displayed in a dashboard. The colour LED lights illuminating the ARM sign in front of the coffee machine is then set using another service.

The reason the internal group at ARM sat down and built the machine was to attempt to find out how hard it would be to construct an end-to-end product and the lessons they learning building the coffee machine are getting rolled back into their products.

Plenty of partner companies were also here at the Faire, including Zatar, who kept the theme going by bringing along a connected wine rack. It tracks which bottles are where, and when they are placed into and removed from the rack.