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Drumroll Please for the Ribbon Winners from Maker Faire Bay Area!
David West from Kinetic Time Sculptures
Featured at the 10th annual Maker Faire Bay Area.

This year’s Maker Faire Bay Area has come to a close, and while we are sad to see it go, it also gave us the opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of those Makers who brought the best, most fun, engaging, memorable, and educational exhibits.

One of the biggest perks of working as part of Maker Faire’s editorial staff is the opportunity to hand out ribbons. It serves as recognition of the hard work, ingenuity, and creativity of the Makers. This year we had two ribbon categories to award: a blue ribbon for best in show, and a red ribbon for best in class. The red ribbons were also used to show that the Maker had an educational element.

All of Make:’s editors were given ribbons to hand out to Makers who they felt brought something special to the Faire. Here is a collection of some of the recipients of the blue ribbon award.

4 thoughts on “Drumroll Please for the Ribbon Winners from Maker Faire Bay Area!

  1. Is there an official list of all 2015 Blue Ribbon recipients? I don’t see the San Jose State Spartan Superway exhibit or team here, for example, but I am told they got a ribbon. Was my source mistaken?

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