VW Busses are a classic design in the US, and were produced in Brazil until 2014. Although I’m sure there are Americans jealous that such a late model bus is available there, some would probably prefer one that looks just like this amazing vinyl-wrapped R2D2 tribute!

Husband and wife Cesar Aguzzoli and Audrey Proenca, both biologists by training, envisioned simply “unrolling” R2’s body in vinyl-wrap form onto the body of this vehicle. After some computer mock-ups, however, it was evident that the design had to be changed to something inspired by the little “cylinder-bot,” rather than pulled off of his chassis verbatim. Fortunately, between Aguzzoli’s vector-tracing skill using CorelDraw, and Proenca’s Photoshop talent, they were able to pull off this design quite well.

Once designed, there was the task of actually applying vinyl wrapping, which, according to Aguzzoli, “takes a lot of practice and persistence.” Being self-taught, he still claims to have a lot to learn, but also notes that “a VW Bus is a good starting point because of its overall flatness.”

Although they did a great job, as noted on their Instructables article, it’s not quite finished. They had to move out of Brazil before all of the details were complete. The first photo on this article is slightly Photoshopped to show what the completed van would look like, but the last nearly-identical photo on the gallery is not. Can you tell the difference?

[via Pixable]