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Weekend Project: Lost Screw Finder

Ever have a screw loose? If so, you might need this easy to build attachment to help you find that screw — including plastic ones that a magnet would miss.
Thanks go to Frank Ford for the original article in Make: Vol 13.

You can download the entire project in  PDF  format for viewing later in your workshop.

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Lost Screw Finder

  1. I know I’m late to this party, but a few years ago I was shown this trick:

    Materials: Nylons/stockings/sock, tape (optional)

    Slip hosery over your vac’s hose end. Leave a little bit of the end loose to create a pocket to collect more debris.
    Optional: depending on appliance’s suction, tape footwear to vacuum hose for security.

  2. Really?? Overkill. Just slip a pantyhose over the vacuum inlet. Vacuum sucks it up. It sticks to the pantyhose and you grab it. No need to buy $8 of pipe or build anything to recover a $ 0.02 fastener.

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