With 15 Makerspaces and 5 classroom education focused labs (see the Taipei Maker’s Map for a evolving list), Taipei has a rapidly growing Maker culture, but still maintains a highly traditional educational system.

However, that may be changing. During FAN2, the FabLab Asia Network‘s 2nd week-long conference that cumulated in Maker Faire Taipei, Taiwan’s Premier, Mao Chi-ku, announced that the Maker Movement has become an international trend and launched a three-month “vMaker” (v for victory) innovation competition to take place at the Taiwan Air Force (TAF) innovation base (former site of the ROC Air Force Headquarters).


I had the great honor of being formally introduced to Premier Mao Chi-kuo at the vMaker Launch!

The ROC government extends full support to the maker movement, as innovation is a major source for future industrial development. To take to DIY is to actualize one’s creativity, Mao noted. – The Executive Yuan

vMaker Launch Party and Snippets of FAN2


Premier Mao Chi-kuo at the vMaker Launch.

Traveling “Fab Trucks” have already been touring the nation’s schools to give students hands-on access to 3D printing equipment. Here’s a bit from FAN2 and the vMaker launch party. Watch for more photos in the upcoming post for the Taipei Maker Faire.

Next Stop: Maker Faire Taipei!