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Write Secret Messages with Easy-to-Make Invisible Ink

Crafty Kids: Write Secret Messages to Your Friends in DIY Invisible Ink

Have mini detectives, secret agents, or superheroes at home? Keep your creative kids entertained for hours with this fun DIY invisible ink recipe that uses ingredients straight from the kitchen!

Crafty Kids: Write Secret Messages to Your Friends in DIY Invisible Ink

There’s nothing quite as fun as sharing secrets with your BFF using invisible ink. Crafty kids will especially love the magic of creating their own mysterious hidden messages and then sharing the decoding solution with friends. And, of course, parents will no doubt be pleased to find that everything they need to get started is probably already in the pantry or freezer! (Perfect for rainy days or spontaneous slumber parties!)

Ready to give it a try?

Head over to your kitchen and grab a box of baking soda. hen learn how to make your own DIY invisible ink and visibility solution with this boredom-busting tutorial and video from Cindy at Skip to My Lou, and let the cool kitchen science begin.

This project may have been designed with kids in mind, but grownups will definitely get a kick out of it too! Why not write your sweetie an invisible love note, and let them get in on some delightfully stealthy, science-y fun? I can assure you that there will be chemistry!


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