I love Sriracha, the deliciously hot sauce made from chili peppers. I think a splash of Sriracha can really transform most meals for the better.

Since we live in an amazing age of technology, I started wondering if I could just have a robot around that would apply Sriracha to whatever I wanted. It’s a silly idea, but I’d use it. I envisioned presenting a taco to the machine and it spitting out a perfect amount of Sriracha automatically … just like a soap dispenser!

sriracha bottle

A quick trip to the local hardware store brought a hands-free soap dispenser into my grip. All I did was fill it with the delicious red sauce and turn it on. It works perfectly! Simply place the food you want Sriracha deposited on below the spigot and it will receive a squirt!

This fun project works spectacularly as a proof of concept. I could easily see this becoming an item you would want to have in your home.


Food Safety

Since this item wasn’t produced to be in direct contact with food, there is a chance that the materials are not food safe. I decided to disassemble it to see if there were possible modifications to make to make it so it would be.


I was pleased to find a simple peristaltic pump and some flexible tubing. This is a good sign! If the tubing is medical tubing, the only concern is the reservoir (if it isn’t medical grade tubing, it could easily be replaced with some).

This, however, is where this experiment stops. While you could modify this to create a home Sriracha dispenser, I think I’ll leave that to someone else.