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Stained Glass Claptrap Lights Up The Borderlands


Allow me to introduce this lamp. This is a Cl4P-TP stained glass lamp, but we call it Claptrap.

Created by deviantArt user DarkeSolace, this stained glass lamp is a recreation of a character from the popular video game Borderlands 2. Take a moment to familiarize yourself if you haven’t yet had the privilege.

Known for his fairly annoying nonstop verbal nonsense, Claptrap quickly became a fan favorite. DarkeSolace has recreated the lovable bumbling box in gorgeous stained glass over the course of 5 months.

From his deviantArt page:

The vents in the front and the top piece are actually open, only soldered on the sides and layered on top of each other, and actually function for that purpose. This was my first attempt at making this guy and I learned so much from the process. His arms are made of copper pipe as glass tubing proved impossible to find. I ended up using a blue wine bottle for the base of his eye, it shows as red, or rust, in the game though that color proved impossible to find locally. The lighting turned out to be as much a frustration as the arms, I eventually settled on a T8 12″ bulb which you can access by flipping open the top vent that I put on a hinge. The lens in his eye does show through in the front view.

I particularly like the use of a wine bottle for Claptrap’s eye, even though it isn’t the right color to be accurate from the game.

[via Nerdapproved]


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