There is perhaps no other meal where the leftovers are as desirable as the main serving than Thanksgiving dinner. And while many of us look forward to day-after turkey sandwiches, if you have a lot of leftovers, the classics can quickly get a little stale. Here are some ideas for more adventurous Thanksgiving leftovers that Make: has written about over the years. Bon appétit.

Turkey Sandwich Dim Sum, Anyone?

rye-steamed-buns-1There is nothing better in the world to me than sandwiches made from Thanksgiving leftovers. Here’s a Chinese dim sum-inspired riff on the classic turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sandwich using these stuffed steamed rye buns from Molly Yeh.

Make Mini Pot Pies

mini-chicken-pot-pies-1Here’s another Molly Yeh recipe, a much simpler riff on turkey leftovers, little pot pies made in muffin tins.

Ever Tried Turkey Fried Rice?

turkey-fried-rice-5On I Am a Food Blog, they offer a simple recipe for woking up your holiday leftovers into a satisfying bowl of post-Thanksgiving comfort food.

More Turkey Leftover Ideas

The site Wisebread posted a list of 10 other ideas for what to do with lots of leftover turkey.

Turkey Broth Primer

thanksgiving_broth_boilKatie Goodman details the fine art of turning a turkey carcass and trimmings into a rich and delicious soup stock.

Turn Cranberry Sauce into a Delicious Relish

craft_cranberry_orange_walnut_sauceIf you have a lot of leftover cranberry sauce, you can turn it into cranberry walnut relish which can then be used for some easy-to-make, delicious tarts.

Make Cranberry White Chocolate Ice Cream Pops

cranberry-white-chocolate-popsicles-1Even more leftover cranberry sauce? Try combining it with some white chocolate and leftover ice cream to create these amazing ice cream pops.

What to do With Leftover Brussels Sprouts

thanksgiving_brusselsprouts-mainWhat? There are lots of leftover Brussels sprouts? Why, I can’t imagine. Let’s try serving them again, but this time, how about adding bacon and maple syrup. Yeah, that works.

Note: A hat tip to Make: blogger Andrew Salomone who originally did short blog posts linking to the rye bread dim sum, mini pot pies, turkey fried rice, and cranberry ice cream pops recipes.