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Check Out This Niche Market for DIY Lightsaber Parts
Venomous Fury by SaberForge

You want a lightsaber. Don’t try to deny it, you know you do. There’s only one question left: Are you going to buy one or make one? It should come as no surprise whatsoever that there is a vibrant community of DIY lightsaber makers. The Star Wars franchise has been around longer than many of its fans have been alive. It has had tons of time to build an incredible following. You can pop onto Etsy or eBay or any number of personal sites and have a custom saber made just for you.

This is the part that really intrigues me though. There are stores that focus specifically on selling parts for custom lightsabers. Note that this is “stores” plural. There isn’t one store, but several. There’s a thriving and healthy niche market just for light saber parts!

So, if you’re looking to make your ultimate custom saber, here are a few lightsaber stores (that is so fun to say!) that you should check out:
custom saber shop

changingsaber2The Custom Saber shop has a huge selection of parts all the way down the correct screws to achieve exactly the look you want.



Saber Forge sells complete sabers, however, they also have a broad selection of modular pieces from which you can craft your unique blade.



Ultra Sabers has a few variations available, including some nice custom accessories that aren’t available elsewhere.



Parks Sabers has a decent selection of parts, though their designs opt to not include sound.


3 thoughts on “Check Out This Niche Market for DIY Lightsaber Parts

  1. Ultrasabers is FAST but not the top of the line. Still very good sabers and they are the most customizable. Saberforge are really nice but it’s a smaller business and they average almost 12 weeks to process and ship 1 saber and you get almost ZERO customization. If you aren’t in a hurry they make a quality product. Vaders Vault is also almost no customization and long waits but another very nice saber once you have it in hand. That “Custom Saber Shop” is only for people who really have a knack for electronics. You literally have to build your own. That’s 100% from scratch. And the sabers they show on their webpage are not the sabers they sell. They sell, bare bones, unpainted, undetailed, saber parts.

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