Did you know that Make: had an Emmy-nominated show on public television in 2009? Make: Television was produced by TPT National Productions out of St. Paul, Minnesota and starred such Make: regulars as John Edgar Park, Bill Gurstelle, Mister Jalopy, and others.

Make: Television ran for one season and produced some really wonderful content. It was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award that year, but lost to the Queen of Omnimedia, Martha Stewart.

The show was perhaps ahead of its time. The maker movement was really still in its infancy. The Geek Squad sponsored the first season but wasn’t interested in a second, even with the many accolades that the show had garnered. And no other sponsors seemed to understand what the show was about. It would still be a couple of years before Maker Faire would break big and technologies like commercial 3D printers, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi would put the maker movement on the international map.

One of my favorite segments on the show was John Park’s Maker Workshop. Here are some of those segments.

If you’d like to see all of the Make: Television segments, you can check them on via this link. There you will see the rest of the Maker Workshop with John, Maker Profiles, Maker to Maker segments with Bill Gurstelle, Mister Jalopy, and others (exploring tools, tips, and high-minded maker ideas), and wonderful little vignettes of interesting artists, makers, musicians, and assorted creatively strange people in the Maker Channel segment.