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Homemade Flaming Lightsaber Is Actually a Very Clever Flamethrower
A real lightsaber at last? Image from Pan's Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel.
A real lightsaber at last?

Allen Pan’s “Real Mjolnir” video has received more than 13 million views since he posted it back in October. He may just have done it again with his latest creation, a real lightsaber with a burning flame.

Pan testing his lightsaber. Image from Pan's Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel.
Pan testing his lightsaber.

Pan’s device is the closest thing to a real lightsaber I’ve seen to date. He used a methanol/acetone fuel mixture, with butane as the propellant. You might say this is a glorified cigarette lighter, but the effect is undeniably awesome.

The lightsaber itself looks very realistic, and includes sound effects for that authentic Star Wars experience.

Pan states that the project was inspired by some flamethrower projects posted by Peter Terren (aka Dr Electric) on his website, Tesla Down Under. So if you want to try to build your own, that may be a good resource.

Or just watch the video, and enjoy the feeling that we are that much closer to living with the Star Wars tech we love to see on the big screen.

1 thought on “Homemade Flaming Lightsaber Is Actually a Very Clever Flamethrower

  1. This is really cool, but I doubt we’ll ever see a “real” light sabre. A real light sabre is also “solid” – by which I mean if you had two of them, they clash against one another and stop.

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