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Microduino Unveils Stackable LittleBits Alternative

The birth of Microduino’s mCookies dev board was a hard one, with a longer than expected Kickstarter delivery. But the company was showing off the line to the press this week at CES, saying they are readily available.

mCookies are Arduino-compatible circuit boards. They are about a square inch, stack on top of one another to connect, and are held together by magnets. Modules also have raised plastic studs on their ends spaced and sized to fit into Lego projects.

Much like the conceptually similar LittleBits, mCookies fall into four types. Each type is represented by a different color: CPU/USB modules are red; function modules (battery management, clock, motion) are yellow; WiFi and Bluetooth modules are blue; and extension modules (display, motor, amp, and expansion) are green.

The modules are compatible with Arduino, and can be programmed with the Arduino IDE and with Scratch.

Modules are not available individually. They have to be bought in sets. Prices of those sets range from $99 to $299.


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