[youtube https://youtu.be/JfajQ4_hSN0]

Here’s a little Easter treat by way of our friends at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Watch eggs being turned on an EMS Lab’s EggBot, then spun to create animated imagery. So eggciting!

Lenore from EMS Labs explains how the creator of the video, Jiri Zemanek from Prague, went about it:

Various patterns are generated in Matlab using mathematical equations similar to ones describing Spirograph (or harmonograph) and Phyllotaxis. The patterns are calculated in such a way that when rotated under a stroboscopic light of suitable frequency or when recorded by a camera, they start to animate. It is kind of zoetrope— early device for animation. … Eggs are rotated at a constant speed, special for each pattern, by a brushless motor. No computer graphics tricks are used in the video.

[Via Laughing Squid]