Digital Fabrication

Digital fabrication tools have revolutionized the way designers, engineers, and artisans express their creativity. With the right resources, you can learn to use these powerful instruments in no time! Whether it’s 3D printing or laser cutting that interests you, these articles will provide useful tutorials and inspiration for makers of all levels. Discover how digital fabrication can open up new possibilities so that your craftsmanship is truly extraordinary!

blender geometry nodes for 3d printing

Making Blender Do Things That CAD Can Only Dream Of

Blender’s geometry nodes are a true powerhouse for designing items for 3d printing. Joe shows us some real geometry node magic

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3D Printing Calibration Cubes Isn’t Helping You Like You Think It Is

if all you’re concerned about is the surface finish, go ahead and use calibration cubes. But, if you want your 3d printing to be perfect, listen to Stefan.

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