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Quick Tip: Make a Rotating Platform for Easy 3D Printer Access

Our old friend John Park just published this simple yet effective tip for 3D printers. He’s built a sturdy turn table to plop his printer onto. In his case, he explains that changing the filament on the Ultimaker requires getting to the rear of the machine, which is especially troublesome if the 3D printer is located on a shelf or some other location where you don’t have easy access to the back. A quick installation of a nice wide turn table means that he can just spin the machine around to get to the back.

I know that with my machines, I don’t necessarily need access to the rear of the unit often, but sometimes prying pieces off of the printer’s bed can mean contorting myself into peculiar positions. The ability to spin the printer might help with that.

Up next? John mentions that motorizing it would be neat for timelapse video. I agree.


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