It has been a long month since we launched this contest! We’ve celebrated Halloween, moved on and filled our bellies with Thanksgiving feasts. That distant memory of spider webs and creepy sights may seem far behind us, but now you’ve all had time to enter your Halloween projects into our contest!

The community voting period has ended and we are excited to announce the winners of this year’s Halloween Contest.

We’ll start with the community. Remember, we tallied up the views and “respects” each project got, in order to determine the winners. There is a Grand Prize, Best Costume, and Best Haunted House item.

Community Voting Results:

Community Choice: Grand Prize

Turn Amazon Echo into a Ghost by Bryant Schuck

Tired of seeing a black cylinder on your counter? Ready to make Alexa part of your holidays? Then you are ready to create the Ghost Echo

Community Choice: Best Costume

Rey and her Falcon by Team Harley (Dino Ignacio)


My 5-year-old daughter wanted to be Rey from Star Wars this Halloween. We built a Millennium Falcon to go with her costume.

Community Choice: Best Haunted House Item

Magic Cauldron by Ian McKay

A “Magic Cauldron” that detects spell casting and responds with dynamic lighting effects.

Editors Choice

After we tallied up the community votes, we got to cast our own votes as well. Keep in mind, we decided that no one can win more than one prize, so the editors were choosing from the projects that didn’t win any community awards.

Editors Choice: Grand Prize

Kraken Tentacles and a Ship for Them to Destroy!!! by AV


The theme: PIRATES!! ARRR!!!!!! So of course we needed a pirate ship and sea monster.

Editors Choice: Best Costume

Open Animiatronics  by Kevin Harrington, Alex Camilo, and user73861437

A modular, parametric and extensible Animatronics cad generation framework

Editors Choice: Best Haunted House item

Giant Lego Minifig Operation Game by Matthew Harrell

This project details two Arduino powered animatronic Lego Minifigs that talk and move based off that Monster Hunters line.

We will be contacting all the winners via email to award their prizes, so if you’re in this list, watch your email!

The prizes are:


Grand Prize:

Project featured in Make: Magazine & online + 1-year subscription to Make: Magazine + DIY Pinball Machine in Battle Mode with craft supplies


Best Costume:

Project featured in Make: Magazine & online + 1-year subscription to Make: Magazine + Make: Getting Started with Wearables Kit


Best Haunted House Item:

Project featured in Make: Magazine & online + 1-year subscription to Make: Magazine + Compressed Air Rocket Launcher for paper rockets