Weekend Watch: William Osman Has Lasers and Laughs

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Weekend Watch: William Osman Has Lasers and Laughs

William Osman doesn’t really fit into one single category in his video projects. Many of his projects do include his fancy home-built laser cutter, but if I had to tie all his projects together with a short description, I’d say he’s making smart and clever designs, but never takes himself too seriously. His playful nature makes it easy to learn from his successes and mistakes as he makes a random assortment of projects.

William, like many others, found the effects from Doctor Strange to be inspiring.

I don’t know why I find net guns so fascinating, but I must not be the only one. William has made one, with the help of his adorable bulldog.

Like anyone else who has a laser cutter in their living room, he’s obviously tossing everything in there. In this video he’s showing how to laser cut a pumpkin.

This fun project shows you how to build a stroboscope, a tool that uses a strobing light to help you measure the frequency or speed of things that spin or cycle. Basically it is a strobe light that you can adjust easily. One cool side effect is that it looks really cool on video.

Building a potato cannon isn’t enough. William’s gotta know how fast his projectiles are going!

I love this toy. I love the design and William’s enthusiasm. I love the unimpressed response from his test subject. This is so much like my own experiences.

He keeps a website with documentation of his builds too. Be sure to check that out as well.


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