Faces of Open Source is a portrait project, documenting those who have built the open source community to where it is.

(via Adafruit)

The MATRIX Voice hopes to be your platform for DIY voice recognition. It integrates with Google Voice as well as Amazon Alexa.

NASA announced the discovery of some new planets orbiting around the star Trappist-1. Three of them happen to be in the habitable zone, but keep in mind, they’re 40 light years away.

UArm is back on IndieGogo with two arm versions; The Uarm Swift and Uarm Pro.

The zippityboombot prints in one piece (if your printer is fine tuned), but then has full articulation. Its pretty cute, and free on Thingiverse too.

The more cars become computers, the more you’ll need electronics to tweak, adjust, and hack them. Machina is a tool to let you take control of your car’s computer and tweak all you want.