As we’ve talked about before here on Make: before, there is a growing category of making that has been dubbed “dungeon crafting.” Dungeon crafting covers any building and crafting of components to be used in Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying and tabletop sci-fi and fantasy games. While the traditional crafting space is predominantly women, so far, dungeon crafting has been a largely male activity. But there are exceptions, like this week’s choice for Weekend Watch, The Crafting Muse.

The Crafting Muse is known to the world of Muggles as Vanessa Mus, who also goes by the nickname Vee. Vee plays D&D along with her husband (who sometimes shows up on the channel) and their two sons. On The Crafting Muse, Vee covers all manner of dungeon crafting, from making ramps, bridges, fountains, and trees, to turning a cheap Michael’s craft store birdhouse into a Gothic church for the tabletop.

Vanessa Mus is not new to crafting. In fact, she has her own crochet business, VSM Handcrafted Designs, where she does custom crotchet designs and teaches people how to crotchet. But her dungeon crafting channel is a fairly new endeavor, having only launched in June of this year. On her website, she also covers other forms of crafting, including her first love, yarncraft, cooking, decorating, and more.

Here are a few of my favorite videos from The Crafting Muse. With the appearance of games such as the new Blood & Plunder, Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago, and the forthcoming Dungeons & Dragons Tomb of Annihilation, gaming in piratical, jungle, Indiana Jones-type environments is all the rage these days, so I’m personally in the market for instructions on making things like rope bridges, ship rigging and anchors, tropical terrain, and the like.

[H/t to DM Scotty who introduced me to Vee’s channel in one of his recent videos about an incredible dice bag that Vee crotchet for him.]