MsMaoMaoz is a YouTuber and Instructables member who does dramatic and astonishing costume make-up tutorials. In this video (and accompanying Instructable), she shows you how she achieved a very convincing K-2SO, the former Imperial security droid reprogrammed to serve the resistance in Star Wars: Rogue One.


The wonderful thing about methodical, well-done tutorials like this, with videos, step-by-step photos, and written instructions, is that, even if you’re not a pro make-up artist, or any kind of artist, you can still achieve impressive results. If you carefully follow the instructions, and do your best, you will almost always end up with something that looks better than anything you could imagine you were capable off. And that always feels good.

MsMaoMaoz doesn’t show you how to make the rest of the robot’s costume, but with a make-up job this amazing, you could easily get away with gray and black painted thermal underwear. There are also K-2SO costumes available for rent and sale. And if you’re looking for inspiration for Star Wars-themed costumes, there are a ton of them on Pinterest.

You can see the full tutorial here on Instructables, along with dozens of other MsMaoMaoz make-up tutorials.