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Make These Totally Gothtacular Bat Wings for Your Boots!


Dallas-based maker and software engineer, Amie DD, has posted the file on Thingiverse to print these wonderful, whimsical, and totally gothtacular bat wings that weave into your boot laces. Any goth, goth-wannabe, or Halloween cosplayer looking to add a batty flourish to a costume will likely love these.


To design these, Amie created a line trace in Adobe Illustrator and then exported the file as an SVG. The SVG file was then imported into Fusion 360 and then the trace she had created in Illustrator was extruded. She printed her wings on a Formlabs Form 2 resin printer.

If you do them on a lower-res printed, and don’t have black filament, you’ll likely want to do some post-processing to get them looking suitably smooth and gloomy, but these wings can be easily be sanded, primed, and painted. Once done, the wings just thread into your normal boot laces.


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