I’m in the market for a hot wire table for precision cutting of foam for building tabletop gaming terrain. So my eyes went wide and my tongue fell out of my mouth like a cartoon wolf eyeing a chicken coop when Geoff Meston of Stuff I Made sent me a link to the super tricked-out hot wire table that he built. This thing in DE-luxe! As one commenter put it: “At first it seemed a little overbuilt, but as you walked through the features, it’s really awesome, well designed, and very effective!” Exactly.

I’m still not sure whether this is a build or a buy for me (lots of hobbyists swear by these Proxxon tables), but looking at this video, running through all of the jigs and features, I’m definitely sold on the “ultimate” claims on this device. Geoff promises a more detailed build video in the future.

Geoff’s isn’t the only hot wire foam cutting table project on YouTube. There are tons. Since the heart of the project is basically a heatable nichrome wire on a frame, as you might imagine, many of the projects are quite simple and easily realized.