This single question has come up in our comments and on social media more than any other during the past day. With TechShop closing it’s doors and filing bankruptcy, there are many incredible pieces of equipment sitting around not being used (and some people’s projects as well if I’m following comments correctly).

We don’t know the exact answer to that question. Thanks to commenter David Cardinal, we do know that there is a form out there for groups to fill out if they’re interested.

From the form:

This form is intended to allow individuals, organizations, municipalities, or institutions to express interest in acquiring TechShop assets or an entire location/LLC. The contact information gathered in this form will be shared directly with the [email protected] account. Said account is property of the TechShop trustee for them to utilize as they see fit.

So, if any of you are members of universities or makerspaces that have the leverage and interest, there’s the first step. Since they’re filing bankruptcy, expect this to be somewhat of a long and paperwork filled process. However, it might also mean that the prices could be fairly reasonable for the equpment.