Allie Weber, aka Robot Maker Girl and Tech-Nic-Allie, is a 12 year old inventor and YouTube maker. Her Tech-Nic-Allie Speaking channel has only been online for a year and she has already racked up numerous awards, support from manufacturers and the wider maker community, and even inspired an action figure.

On Allie’s channel, she shows off her various clever inventions (e.g. see the Back Saving Binder Strap video below), reviews products and tools, unboxes gear she’s being sent, and basically lives her curious and inventive life on camera. With her obvious high-intelligence, great on-screen presence, and all she has accomplished in such a short time, it will be exciting to see what’s ahead for this talented young maker.

Here are a few videos from her channel. The one about her action figure includes a video of her at six giving us a tour of a junkbot she built from scraps found in her basement. Try to watch that without your heart melting.