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Fat Brain Toys Announces Kidventor Winner

Back in June, we teamed up with Fat Brain Toys to help launch the KidVentor contest. Fat Brain Toys recently announced the winner, Alexander, who created Aeropong.

Aeropong appears to be a mix of the best parts of table tennis and tether ball, an activity that sounds a tiny bit absurd but also very addictive to play.

Aeropong, it’s ping pong without a table. Aeropong, it’s ping pong on air. So easy…almost anyone can play. So fun…everyone will want to play it. Aeropong is the number variation of the popular recreation sport ping pong/table tennis. Never before have there been a simpler way to enjoy the full benefits of a great low-impact cardiovascular that traditional ping pong can offer until now. Aeropong offers the same awesome benefits traditional ping pong would, but players don’t need skills or a table, and there are now no more worries about chasing after the ball. Aeropong is compact, lightweight, and portable. Play indoor or outdoor…the fun never ends! My autistic daughter inspired my son to invent Aeropong. She loves the game. Her hand-eye coordination has greatly improved since she started playing Aeropong. Aeropong is a toy/game for almost every age, young and old. Nine out of ten who have tried it, have said they love it.  

For placing first, Alexander has won:

  •  A $2,500 scholarship
  •  $500 in toys
  •  A Prize Package from Make: magazine
  •  An opportunity to present at the New York City Toy Fair and potentially sell Aeropong around the world

Of course, Alexander also had fierce competition. Fat Brain Toys shared the runners ups, such as the “Power Towers” and interesting sounding “Tribrynth,” but to find out more about those, you’ll need to go to their website and read up!


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