We’ve covered our fair share of cool coops here on Make: over the years, but this UFO-themed coop certainly wins on creativity and high weirdness.


The basic saucer structure for the coop was provided by two satellite dishes. The Idaho couple who built the coop explains on their blog:

When we expanded our flock this Summer, we knew a larger coop would be necessary. As an artistic couple, I knew it couldn’t be just any coop….. and as UFO nerds, we had the perfect plan!

Brainstorming the UFO spaceship design was a very quick process as there were so few “up-cycle” options that would get us a classic UFO shape. We quickly determined that the satellite dish would be a stellar foundation. We located two 10 foot dishes on our local Craigslist page and jumped straight into this project. We knew it would need to be completed in time for a harsh Idaho winter.

I’m no chicken wrangler, so I can’t assess the heath, safety, and comfort of the birds in this structure, but it sure is unique and fun-looking. More details and pics at .

[H/t Ross Hershberger]