Gazing into Alex Andre’s Metamorphosis Portal is a surreal experience. This interactive installation spins together two individuals’ reflections to create the illusion that both people are morphing into one.

“As the wheel spins the alternating reflection between two people facing each other “morphs” in real time,” said Andre. “The invention holds an unlimited source of entertainment and discovery for all ages.”

He continued:

Various effects can be achieved progressively with deeper levels of interactivity:

Dancing together to create unity with movement.

Standing still to experience the illusion of wearing the opposing persons clothes, accessories, costumes…

Aligning at eye level to achieve a facial morphing effect. A profound experience…

Check out this video to see more examples of the portal in action, or head on over to Andre’s Maker Share page to read about how he uses the portal to challenge societal divides and provide insight for others through physical, sociological, psychological, and spiritual transformations.

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