Sam Battle, the crazed creative behind Look Mum No Computer, is a musician and mad inventor. His latest creation is an instrument of sheer sonic terror, the Furby Organ. The organ employs 45 Furby dolls controlled by microcontrollers and triggered by an organ keyboard. Behold the glorious cacophony of the Furby Organ!


Each Furby on the organ has two Arduino microcontrollers attached to it, one for sequencing the actions of each Furby, and one for generating and controlling the sounds the Furby makes when the key on the keyboard are pressed. You have to marvel at the amount of hardware hacking, circuit bending, and software programming that went into this beast.

Sam has also done a vlog that shows a bit of the organ being built:


Note that Sam is using a Maker’s Notebook for his project designs and notes. Smart fellow! :-)