In his latest video, one of Make:’s favorite geek chefs, Alex, the French Cooking Guy, decides to make himself a lasagna with fresh pasta. Along the way, he touches upon 11 key cooking skills that come into play, skills that every chef should know.

When I got to 11, I felt like the biggest idiot in the world. For all of my years of cooking, this simple little kitchen hack never occurred to me. Check it out and see if you’ve ever resorted to it.


In the video, the chef skills Alex discusses are:

1. Mirepoix (the flavor combination)
2. Mirepoix (the cutting technique)
3. The Maillard Reaction
4. Heath and Safety (how to properly wash your hands)
5. Deglazing
6. “Bouquet Garni” (bunch of herbs)
7. Making fresh pasta
8. Making a tomato sauce
9. Making a roux (flour and fat mixture)
10.Béchamel (white sauce)
11. Adapt!