Steve Pearson of R31 Studios has really pulled of a fantastic effect here. Watch as this dagger re-assembles itself before your eyes.

I reached out to get a bit more back story.

The Dagger is called Mehrunes’ Razor and is from the Game Skyrim. It is a blade that was broken into shards and the quest line has the player find the shards and bring them together where they form the blade. I wanted to re-create this so I could display it in either form as a prop or to have as a cool effect for convention floors. I also just wanted to experiment and have some fun with magnets.


Apparently I hadn’t paid close enough attention to my video game props because I should have recognized this one, but didn’t. I think the concept of making the shattered dagger is neat, but using magnets to allow it to be reconstituted is brilliant.

R31 studios does some fantastic prop making which you can find on Facebook, tons of pictures on Instagram, and some great tutorials on Instructibles.