Beloved YouTube maker, April Wilkerson, has been building a 3000 square foot workshop on her new Texas property. As with everything April does, she has been thorough in planning, executing, and documenting her process. She has done YouTube videos detailing the stages of the build, and done updates on Instagram posts and Instagram Stories.

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of designing and building a workshop from the ground up, it’s been an exciting (OK, and jealousy-inducing) process to watch. It’s also been like compelling reality TV as we’ve watched April deal with the highs, lows, and serious set-backs in undertaking a project of this scope and complexity. I really felt her pain when a Texas deluge of biblical proportions flooded one corner of the new shop, soaking just-installed wall boards and insulation.

It’s been a ride. But through it all, April has maintained her positive, power-through attitude, her sense of humor, and a fairly busy travel schedule. This woman is someone to recon with. It will be exciting to see what she’s going to do in her newly constructed workshop Shangri-La.

Watch the rest of the series here.