Make: friend, global Queen of Shi**y robots, and techno-comedian, Simone Giertz, had surgery this AM to remove a benign tumor behind one of her eyes. As a gesture of solidarity, Becky Stern (with her friend Leslie Birch) created an actuated hat with a 3D printed scissors snake, driven by a servomotor and a small microcontroller. Mounted on a flouncy Derby hat, when triggered, the scissors mechanism “ejects” the tumor (a plastic wiffle golf ball) from her head.

What a sweet and touching gesture. Since Simone has announced her condition and her pending surgery, she has received a giant outpouring of love and support. We all wish her a speedy recovery and many more useless machines in her future. Simone, you got this!

If you haven’t seen Simone’s TED talk, on why you should make useless things, it’s pretty entertaining: