Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you how obsessed I am with the Borderlands franchise. The best game in the series is Borderlands 2, and a huge part of the game’s appeal is the creative assortment of characters. One of the game’s original four Vault Hunters, Zer0, is a ninja who communicates with emojis, numbers, and symbols. I’ve always wanted to cosplay as him, and, now thanks to Casey Gartung’s build, I think I’ll be able to.

Gartung’s construction of Zer0’s iconic glowing sword is incredible. It even shines with the same style of dangerous looking blue energy. Besides his helmet, Zer0’s sword is arguably the hardest part of his cosplay to build. Kudos to Gartung for doing such a good job! The rest of her Zer0 cosplay is coming along pretty well too:

If you want to build your own Zer0 sword (either for your own cosplay or just to have because it’s so cool), just follow Gartung’s process on Maker Share.

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