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Making A Mid Century Modern Dog Bowl Stand

I’ve really been wanting to learn to make nice furniture for a while. This year I’ve been dipping my toes in a bit. I experimented with it when I made my CNC midcentury modern writing desk, but I felt like I wanted to learn more woodworking skills. Taking cues from Shaun Boyd Made This and Four Eyes Furniture, I jumped and and made this fancy little dog bowl holder for Finley, my dog.

Even though I didn’t use this at all, I really like these little clamps that Shaun Boyd uses for putting odd angles together. I should probably make some of those if I plan to keep experimenting in this direction.

Chris Salomone’s video on how to create those non 90 degree angles is really the bulk of what this project included. I had two acute angles and two obtuse angles and to get the 42.5 degrees needed for that acute angle, I had to follow Chris’s tutorial and cut the wood vertically (my table saw only goes to 45 degrees).

I learned a ton of lessons from actually trying to build something. Things that wouldn’t have immediately popped into my mind when just thinking about it. For example, I thought cutting a very nice round circle wouldn’t be that tough with a jig saw. I was wrong. Also, cheap plywood (very few layers with a thin veneer) chips and tears out very easily.

In the end though, I’m super happy with the result. It makes me want to build more!



I get ridiculously excited seeing people make things. I just want to revel in the creativity I see in makers. My favorite thing in the world is sharing a maker's story. You can find me on twitter at @calebkraft

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