On DIY Perks, Matt shows, step by step, how he made a set of very lovely-looking studio lights to be used for his YouTube channel. The lights have 6 LED strips in them at 3 different color temperatures: Daylight, Warm Light, and Ice Blue. The three color types are all adjustable (through three knobs at one end of the strips). This allows you to adjust each strip and mix the colors to get the exact light value you need.


The project involves cutting an aluminum base, installing and wiring the strips, making end cap “arches” for the lights, installing dimmer switches, and the plastic and diffusion paper domes. As is the case with all of Matt’s videos, he is very patient, methodical, and clear throughout the process.

The results is a very lovely lighting fixture that could be just as at home in your living room as in your YouTube video recording area. These lights are not cheap-cheap. Matt doesn’t mention the cost in the video, but given the materials, it looks like they’ll run you about $120-$150 each, but that is still much cheaper than commercial studio lighting of comparable quality and features. Matt specially cautions against getting cheap LED strips and shows the color differences between low quality and high quality strips.