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Making a Lantern Prop in EVA Foam in Four Hours

Bill Doran of Punished Props Academy has posted a project and video for making an EVA foam lantern prop with flickering (programmable) LED light strips inside. Bill had one day before DragonCon to complete the build and accomplished it in four hours.

Being a pro prop maker, Bill had most of the supplies and tools he needed on-hand. He ends up using a lot of the resources of his shop, all of which you may not have, but as with many such projects, you could accomplish most or all of this with the basic crafting/home shop tools you do have.

The project serves as a nice introduction to working with EVA foam and is definitely a testament to how fast, efficiently, and effectively you can work when you have a fully outfitted workshop. I recently got serious in outfitting and organizing my work area for hobby game modeling and painting and I am amazed at how it has upped my game.


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