At this year’s World Maker Faire, at the end of a panel I put together on makers working with sponsors, I told the audience that I do this column and that if they are a YouTube maker that hasn’t gotten a lot of exposure, to keep me in the loop on what they were doing and I might end up covering them. Be careful what you wish for. I spent the rest of the post-panel chat and most of the entire Saturday night after-party being pitched on existing channels or channel ideas that people were toying with.

It was through these conversations that I met a charming maker couple, Henri and Paula Kissel, who collaborate on YouTube under the name Phun Kiss. They have only been publishing videos for six months and they already have 20 in the can. They collaborate on the projects, but Henri is usually in front of the camera, Paula behind it. Their projects range from art pieces to home decor to furniture, lighting, and DIY tools. Here is a sampling of their content.

I love seeing maker couples collaborate like this. If you are such a couple, please let me know in the comments below. Oh no, I think I just did it again.