Skateparks have become the little league fields of the 21st century, with one (or sometimes more) now in almost every community. But for those that haven’t found the municipal support or funding for their own yet, there are only a couple options — skate public sidewalks and ledges, or build your own spot.

“Build your own” is exactly what Josh Matlock has built a reputation for over the years, as detailed in Out of Sight, the 43-minute documentary about his latest endeavor, the Treasure Island Skatepark. The film chronicles two years of effort put forth by Matlock and friends, first finding an abandoned, isolated spot on the spartan, man-made island halfway across the San Francisco Bay Bridge, then building the framework for a community skatepark within it, and ultimately undertaking the steps to try to keep it from being demolished, as his various other attempts inevitably have been through the past decade.

It’s a rewarding movie, with a good message about organizing for the things you’re passionate about, and using your hands and mind to make them happen.