This past summer, I wrote about the collaborate YouTube series Foolfly. Foolfly is a maker spoof on Firefly, the short-lived, now cult sci-fi space western.

In the Foolfly series, Brett McAfee of Skull & Spade, Al from Al’s Hack Shack, Ellen from Crafts with Ellen, Jessie Uyeda, The Redsmith, Steve of Moonshine Metalworks, and Jasmin Devonshire of Bear and Antler trade off doing project videos while assuming the characters from the Firefly show.

In the most recent episodes of Season 1 (yes, more seasons!), Al (er… Jayne) builds a massive t-shirt cannon, Redsmith (aka the preacher, Shepherd) binds a new holy book, and Steve (Foolfly‘s Monty) forges a vicious bear claw zombie weapon (which serves double duty as an entry into Dirty Smith’s Zombie Weapon Challenge).