We’re thrilled to announce that the 2018 Make: Holiday Gift Guide is live!

There are a staggering number of tools and gadgets that fit in the domain of makers — everything from drills to microcontrollers to implements for scientific discovery. These pieces can help someone start or complete a project, or become the central piece of a specific build.

Each year we here at Make: generate a holiday guide to help the community find great gift ideas for friends and family, or even for themselves. This year we’ve teamed up with eBay to put together a list of options that offers wonderful surprises and delights for all, using their nearly endless catalog of merchandise. There’s something on our list for everyone, from the young maker to the welding enthusiast, and it’s all sortable by category or recipient so you can pinpoint your best options quickly.

Enjoy, happy holidays, and be sure to share the builds these gifts help create with us!