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Gift Guide Inspiration: Custom Patches In Your Home

Our holiday gift guide is growing all the time with new cool stuff that makers will love. Some things that caught my eye this week were the sewing machines.  We’ve added a couple really nice ones for both sewing and embroidery. We thought you might appreciate some inspiration with projects you could do if you picked up these machines.

Janome 4836 Sewing Machine

Life is easy when your sewing machine has all the features you could want. The Janome 49360 comes with all the bells and whistles. Auto needle threading, one-click thread cutting, pushbutton lock stitch, and more. Quickly hop between quilting and sewing and don’t stress because the quality that Janome is known for is there to keep you running. With an easy to carry design featuring a fold-down handle, you’ll be carrying this machine everywhere, and sewing everything.

Brother Pe770 Embroidery Machine

Stretch out and design big patterns for embroidery as the Brother PE770 offers an expansive 5″x7″ embroidery area. This machine is incredibly easy to use and will have you producing professional looking results in a fairly short time, from your own home. With 136 built in designs, all easily accessible from the simple touch screen interface, you probably won’t have to upload your own. However, if you do, you’ll be pleased to find that you can simple pop them onto a USB stick and connect that to the machine, no direct computer connection required!


Here are a few things you could tackle if you brought home a nice machine from our gift guide.

Believe it or not, that Janome will have no problem with moderately thick leather. Though I did hand-stitch this version, you could sew it for much better results.

Being able to embroider your own patches is pretty awesome. It takes longer than you might expect, but it is worth it.


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