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This weekend, Maker Faire Lille will be celebrating their third year, literally packing their venue, the Tripostal, with incredible makers. They have 400 spots for people to show of their projects and can’t fit any more! Lille is known throughout the world for it’s outstanding cultural initiatives and this event furthers these ideals by combining it with the maker movement.

We asked the crew that is organizing the event locally who they were most excited to see, and they came up with these 7 makers:

Lowtech lab – website

This group comes up with innovative solutions to regional problems, often utilizing recycled or eco friendly materials.



Somnia takes people to worlds they’ve never been through virtual reality


Octohead – website

This device allows you to print with multiple print heads, or even add multiple different tools to your printer.


Open Space Makers website

Combining some of our favorite things: Open Source + Space. This group aims to make it easier for normal people to design for space experimentation.

Laminiak – website


Using digital fabrication to bring desserts to the next level. Learn how new technologies are enabling people to make extraordinary delights.



Machines 3D – Website

Showing off all sorts of 3d printing and technology. This group covers everything from simple desktop machines to industrial systems that can print houses from concrete


L’Estampillerie – website

A community of industrious makers that create and share all kinds of clever builds.

What you see above is just a tiny taste of what is represented at this Maker Faire, remember, they have 400 makers showing off! The event is this weekend, March 1-3, so be sure to check out their site for location and ticket information.


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