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Protect Your Dart Board Wall With Some Clever Cork Work

We’ve all seen that horrible sight, a dart board on a wall, and the wall itself is littered with tiny punctures from people who have aim as horrible as mine. George from Maker’s Best Friend shows a really clever and not too difficult way to make a visually appealing cork backdrop for your dart board. I especially like how he’s using corks sticking out of the frame to hold the darts between use. It looks good and I could see that saving me from losing those little things!

One great tip he points out is that when you’re gluing corks to something like this project, you should take it slow and glue in sections. Because of the round shape of the corks, if you cram a bunch in there and try to glue it all at once, there’s a good chance that they’ll lift each other up a bit and you’ll end up with random ones not adhering to the back. Laying something heavy on top of them while they dry will help considerably.

His looks great, but with my aim, I think we’ll need to go much, much, bigger.


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